Globe Camper 240 Walkthrough

July 31, 2021

While traveling in France with a Globe Camper this summer, Kuan and I decided to record a simple video walkthrough of the rig. We are not going into the details, and specs so feel free to ask!

We like this camper a lot despite the few issues we are raising in the video. In fact, the quality and construction of the camper is extremely similar to our Overland Explorer Camp-X.

I have never seen the Overland Explorer HBE in person so it’s hard to compare what’s comparable but the comfort of the dinette and the size of the truck are the highlights of this rig to us. The size seems to be just perfect for international travel and remote backcountry exploration. US trucks are simply just too massive for the rest of the world: I am certain we could not park or drive through some of those French villages we are passing in a full size truck.

The height of the camper feels also just right wether you are setting up camp or popping-up the roof on the side of the road for a quick lunch: you don’t need a step ladder to open the latches and you can quickly grab something in the fridge when standing outside!

Note: The camper is a couple of years old so we were told Globe Camper fixed some of the issues we are raising during the presentation, including the bed system and the condensation/vent issues. We also know the company changed their interior design and use new materials (check their website for more information).